Altruism & Moral Psychology Conference


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About the Conference

This interdisciplinary conference will explore the psychological underpinnings of altruism and moral norms, and the implications of these psychological systems for ethical theory. The conference will address such questions as:


John Doris (Philosophy, Washington University, St. Louis)

How (Not) to Build a Person Abstract

Simon Gächter (Economics, University of Nottingham)

Measuring Norms of Cooperation in Different SocietiesAbstract

Nicola Knight (Culture & Cognition, University of Michigan / CPNSS, LSE)

The Psychology of Normative Judgement and Explanation Abstract

Aimee Plourde (Archaeology, University Collee London)

The Role of Prestige and Prestige Goods in the Emergence of Agrandizing Behavior: Some Insight into How Moral Norms Change over Time Abstract

Peter Richerson (Environmental Science & Policy, UC Davis)

Darwin's Theory of Moral Evolution in Modern Garb Abstract

Stephen Stich (Philosophy, Rutgers University)

Is the Moral / Conventional Distinction a Myth? Abstract

David Sloan Wilson (Biology, SUNY Binghamton)

The Ecology of Altruism in Everyday Life Abstract

Tom Walker (Centre for Professional Ethics,Keele)

Two Ways to Build an Altruist Abstract

The conference will take place at the Humanities Research Institute (34 Gell Street, Sheffield S3 7QW) at the University of Sheffield (see map — opens in a new window).


This conference is jointly sponsored by the Hang Seng Centre for Cognitive Studies, directed by Stephen Laurence, and the Rutgers University Research Group on Evolution and Higher Cognition, directed by Prof. Stephen Stich.