Project Data

The AHRC Culture and the Mind project has conducted a range of cross-cultural experimentas in connection with the the three main themes of the project:

1. Folk Psychology & Folk Epistemics
2. Norms & Moral Psychology
3. Artefacts & Material Culture

As these experiments are published, we will also publish the data files for the projects on this webpage.


H.Clark Barrett, Alexander Bolyanatz, Alyssa Crittenden, Daniel Fessler, Simon Fitzpatrick, Michael Gurven, Joe Henrich, Martin Kanovsky, Geoffrey Kushnick, Anne Pisor, Brooke Scelza, Stephen Stich, Chris von Reudon, Wanying Zhao, and Stephen Laurence (2016). Small-Scale Societies Exhibit Fundamental Variation in the Role of Intentions in Moral Judgment. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Early Edition. [with Supplementary Information, pp. 1-71]. DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1522070113

Data File for Barrett et al. (2016)


Daniel M. T. Fessler , H. Clark Barrett, Martin Kanovsky, Stephen Stich, Colin Holbrook, Joseph Henrich, Alexander H. Bolyanatz, Mathew M. Gervais, Michael Gurven, Geoff Kushnick, Anne C. Pisor, Christopher von Rueden, and Stephen Laurence (2015). Moral parochialism and contextual contingency across seven societies. Proceedings of the Royal Society; B (Biological Sciences). [Supplementary Materials].

Data File for Fessler et al. (2015)


Bailey R. House , Joan B. Silk, Joseph Henrich, H. Clark Barrett,Brooke A. Scelza, Adam H. Boyette, Barry S. Hewlett, Richard McElreath, and Stephen Laurence (2013). Ontogeny of prosocial behavior across diverse societies. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America; Early Edition, 110.36, pp. 14586-14591. [Supplementary Information (pp. 1-32)].

Data File for House et al. (2013)


H. Clark Barrett, Tanya Broesch, Rose M. Scott, Zijing He, Renée Baillargeon, Di Wu, Matthias Bolz, Joseph Henrich, Peipei Setoh, Jianxin Wang, and Stephen Laurence (2013). Early false-belief understanding in traditional non-Western societies. Proceedings of the Royal Society, B (Biological Sciences), vol. 280, no. 1755 [Electronic Supplementary Materials (pp. 1-29)].

Data File for Experiment 1, Barrett et al. (2013)

Data File for Experiment 2, Barrett et al. (2013)

Data File for Experiment 3, Barrett et al. (2013)



Data from other experiments from the AHRC Culture and Mind Project coming soon!