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The central aim of the Culture and the Mind project is to carry out cross-cultural empirical research to address key questions of philosophical interest in relation to the three topic areas of Folk Psychology & Folk Epistemics, Norms & Moral Psychology and Artefacts & Material Culture.

To prepare for this empirical work the core-group of anthropologists and organizers plus a number of invited discussants will be involved in a series of preparatory workshops and meetings for each of the three subprojects. The aim of these meetings is to formulate hypotheses that will be looked at in the field and to devise procedures to investigate them. Participation in these meetings is by invitation only, but the final results of this work will be made available to the public in the form of three international conferences to be held in 2009 (Folk Psychology & Folk Epistemics), 2010 (Norms & Moral Psychology) and 2011 (Artefacts & Martial Culture) and in the form of peer-reviewed publications (see the publications page for more details).

Invited participants in the Culture & the Mind Project can access information about the preparatory workshops and meetings and contribute to the participant discussion forum through the following link (username and password required):