Stich Leverhulme Lectures on Moral Psychology, May 2009
Lecture 2: The Persistence of Moral Disagreement


Lecture Abstract: Moral disagreement is widespread. But would that disagreement persist even under idealized conditions in which all parties to a moral debate are rational, impartial and fully informed about the relevant non-moral facts? For many moral theorists, a positive answer would entail moral relativism or moral nihilism. In this talk I’ll review recent empirical findings suggesting that the answer may indeed be positive. I’ll also sketch a theory about the psychological processes underlying human norms that points in the same direction.

This is the second of four Leverhulme Lectures on Moral Psychology by Professor Stephen Stich (Philosophy, Rutgers University), who was Leverhulme Visiting Professor of Philosophy at the University of Sheffield from March to May 2009.

Lecture recorded on 11 May 2009

Lecture 2: The Persistence of Moral Disagreement

Leverhulme Trust: Stich Lectures These lectures are made possible through the generous support of the Leverhulme Trust.